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Come Together is Pittsburgh’s premier Beatles tribute band. They came together out of two passions: a mutual love for The Beatles’ music, and the fun of playing for people who share that love.  The band works to replicate The Beatles’ sound with detailed precision and authenticity. They don’t wear wigs or Nehru jackets. They simply play and sing to produce a sound just like that of the original Fab Four.

Two of the band’s members, Dennis Snyder and Lou Valli, started playing Beatles music together in junior high, jamming in Dennis’s basement. Their music eventually took a back seat to college, careers and families. But their loyalty to the Beatles never faded, and their musical abilities improved.

The original band was formed in 2003. After playing for a year or two for family and friends at the infamous “Barn”, the bands public debut was at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Café in August, 2004. Four of the original members – Tom Flaherty, Dennis Snyder, Lou Valli and Bill Zalewski – are still with Come Together. In 2012, the guys were fortunate in having keyboardist Scott Anderson join the band. Scott, an award-winning musician and composer, expanded the group’s repertoire to include numbers with sophisticated orchestration. Then in 2015, Joe Waslousky, a well-known drummer in the Pittsburgh area, joined to make sure Ringo’s sound is preserved in the band’s renditions.

Today, Come Together plays at various corporate events, regional clubs, private parties, fund-raising concerts, and country club themed party events throughout the area. The highest compliment they get is when an audience member says, “You sound just like them!”  When Come Together plays, the dance floor is crowded and the audience sings along. For those who grew up with The Beatles, it’s a joyful trip back in time. For newer listeners, it’s a taste of what made The Beatles the greatest rock ‘n roll band of all time.


Scott Anderson joined Come Together in 2012, playing keyboard and singing back-up vocals. The sole music professional in the band, Scott is one of the most accomplished and sought-after musicians in the region.  His work as a composer has garnered two Emmy awards and five nominations as well as a Telly Award. He has played with a number of national artists including The Temptations, The Drifters, Bo Diddley, Jackie Evancho, Kristen Chenoweth, The Coasters, Ronnie Specter, Lou Christie, Leslie Gore, The Shirelles, Little Anthony, Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Peter Noone, Barbara Lewis, Frankie Ford, Len Barry, Bryan Hyland, Tommy Roe, The Crystals & Jay and the Americans. Here in Pittsburgh, Scott was the organist for the Pittsburgh Penguins and a member of the Penguin’s house band, The Blue Line Band, for three years.  His astonishing skills at the keyboard and back-up vocals enable Come Together to cover songs with complex orchestration, while adding tremendous depth to the band’s overall sound.

Tom Flaherty is one of the original members of Come Together. He covers John Lennon’s vocals with incredible similarity, both lead and back-up, and contributes percussion on select numbers. Tom also brings a smart sense of humor to the band, not unlike Lennon himself. Tom is the only member of Come Together (so far) to have visited Liverpool. In fact, he actually performed at the Cavern Club – one of The Beatles’ earliest venues. 

Dennis Snyder is one of the most talented bass players in the Pittsburgh area and one of the best at playing The Beatles anywhere in the U.S.  Dennis faithfully reproduces McCartney’s unique bass lines, note for note, on a replica Hofner violin bass. He is also one of the band’s founders. Dennis loves playing the music, and it shows in his continuous smile on stage.

Lou Valli covers Paul McCartney’s vocals with amazing fidelity, while playing Lennon’s rhythm guitar parts on a Rickenbacker 325 guitar identical to John Lennon’s. Lou’s love for The Beatles has driven him to replicate the style, accent and vocal inflections of McCartney down to every detail and is now living the dream of playing Beatles music regularly, with friends, to loudly appreciative fans. Lou is one of the founding members of Come Together.

Joe Waslousky is one of the top drummers in the Pittsburgh area and has played with several top national bands and local artists including Corbin/Hanner, Lovechild with Jenn Wertz Rusted Root, QED Live from Studio A, Randy Baumann’s Ramble and Maureen Budway to rave reviews. He joined Come Together in 2015, playing his “Ringo” Ludwig oyster black pearl drum kit to bring Ringo Starr’s distinctive sound to all the band’s covers. A long-time Beatles fan/fanatic, Joe enjoys playing to audiences who share his passion.

Bill Zalewski plays lead guitar and covers George Harrison vocals, both lead and back-up. His note-for-note replication of Harrison’s early Beatle riffs is accomplished on a Gretsch Country Gentleman identical to the one George himself used, while on the later Beatle tracks, Bill uses a ’58 Gibson Les Paul like the one George used on the Abbey Road Studio recordings. Bill also covers Harrison’s understated performance style. Bill was one of the founding members of Come Together and has enjoyed playing with “the boys” for over a decade.

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